We then entered St. Peter's Cathedral or Basilica as it is called in Italy. The dimensions and the artwork inside are of such an enormous scale as to be simply overwhelming. It is easy to see why a pilgrimage to this spot by Catholics is such a life changing experience. The massive size of the room, the incredibly detailed mosaics on the walls, the massive columns and the bronze alter all seem to work together to keep one's eyes constantly looking up. From here we went to see Michaelangelo's David. Next to the other sculptures of its time, it is easy to see why he was believed to be the greatest sculptor. Next stop was the collisuem, technically the Amphitheater of Flavius. Apparently it was only called the colliseum because of the massive statue in front. All of the metal and bronze materials in Rome were destroyed and melted down for weapons by the Barbarians in the 4th century. We managed to find one remaining gladiator in one of the walls. He looks quite fit, I might add.

We learned so much from our tour guide that I decided to include a picture.

On the way back to the hotel, Betsy had the good fortune to actually meet a statue. Here she is saying hello to this marble creation.

Tomorrow we leave for Sicily. More pictures to follow.